EB656N#040 HP LTO4 800/1600GB External Tape Drive SCSI-LVD

EB656N#040  HP LTO4 800/1600GB External Tape Drive SCSI-LVD

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EB656N#040 HP LTO4 800/1600GB External Tape Drive SCSI-LVD   - See IC-DS-LTO4-T-W
Includes 2M HD68-HD68* Cable and U320/LVD Terminator

The HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 Tape Drive, based on fourth-generation LTO technology, is the highest capacity, 1.6 TB compressed per cartridge, fastest performing, 576 GB per hour, half-height tape drive in the StorageWorks family providing hardware data encryption to deliver the ultimate direct attach data protection solution for entry level and for midsized customers. It is available in both SCSI and SAS models.
AES 256-bit hardware data encryption provides easy-to-enable security to protect the most sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access of tape cartridges. By using LTO-4 encryption, not only is data fully capable of being compressed therefore maximizing capacity, encrypted backups are completed without a loss in performance
The Ultrium 1760 Tape Drive is fully read and write compatible with all fourth and third generation Ultrium media and offers further investment protection through its backward-read compatibility with second-generation Ultrium media.

Features and Benefits: High capacity: Stores up to 1.6 TB of data on a single data cartridge using 2:1 compression. High capacity drive reduces the costs associated with data protection by requiring fewer data cartridges to complete backups.
Higher performance with dynamic data rate matching: Provides an optimized compressed data transfer rate of 576 GB/hr allowing customers to scale their backup capacities without having to increase their backup windows. HP's exclusive dynamic data rate matching feature can match the throughput of the host and reduce starting and stopping the tape drive.
Half-height form factor for easy installation and integration: Allows for installation into all standard 5.25-inch media bays.
AES 256-bit hardware data encryption: Provides easy-to-enable security to protect the most sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access of tape cartridges.

Broad connectivity: 3 Gb/sec SAS and U320 SCSI interfaces making it ideal for midrange and departmental servers.
Software compatibility: Extensive list of supported backup and archiving software applications.
WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) media support: For IT organizations with stringent, long-term data retention requirements, WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) data protection capability offers a simple and secure method for archiving records allowing customers to affordably meet the toughest industry compliance regulations.

Server compatibility: Qualified on HP ProLiant, Integrity, 9000, NonStop, and AlphaServers platforms, as well as many servers from other leading vendors such as Dell, IBM, and Sun. Support for heterogeneous hardware and software platforms provides customers with a single tape drive solution for all environments.

HP StorageWorks Ultrium 1760 External SCSI Tape Drive; HP LTO4 Ultrium 1.6 TB RW Data Cartridge; power cord; 68-pin HD to 68-pin VHDCI multi-mode SCSI cable




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