DH-68DAA-AA HP Alphaserver ES45 Model 2 1Ghz

DH-68DAA-AA HP Alphaserver ES45 Model 2 1Ghz

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HP Alphaserver ES45 Model 2 1Ghz
System includes 1 x 1Ghz CPU DVDROM & Floppy
12 Months Island Computers warranty
Does not include OS Licenses (available at extra charge)

HP Engineering Available Parts List Below (used on HP Alphaserver ES45)

Backplane, 6 Slot PCI                       54-30418-02
    Backplane, 10 Slot *PCI Peripherals Board   54-30418-01
    Cable Assembly, Flat 34 COND W/2 POL ID     17-03970-04
    Cable Assembly, Flat,10COND,(2)POL RCPT     17-03971-07
    Cable Assembly, Flat, 10COND, 28AWG, 2 POL
      RCPT Connectors                           17-03971-11
    Cable Assembly, Flat, 68CND,Bundled, (2)MA  17-04400-06
    Cable Assembly, 80Cond, 2 40pos ATA IDE
      RCPT Connectors                           17-05021-01
    Cable Assembly, SCSI, Ultra-3, TWP, 110OHM
      *17-04705-03 (Assbly Part# 17-04009-02)   3X-BN46M-01
    Cable Assembly, Split and Bundled, 30Cond,
      IDC Connectors                            17-05042-01
    CD-ROM Drive, 40X *3R-A2503-AA              FE-19880-01     388770-632
    CPU, EV68 CB LGA, 1GHz w/8MB L2 Cache
       (Assbly Part# 54-30466-04, Alias Part
       number 54-30466-03)                      KN610-DA
    CPU, EV68 CB, 1.25GHz w/16MB L2 Cache
       54-30588-01                              KN610-EA
    Drive Cage Assembly *6 1 inch Drives                        30-50802-01
    DVD-ROM 16X HH ATAPI CBN                    3X-PBXRV-BA     217801-001
    Enclosure Assembly, ES45, Black, Pedestal/
    (Model 2 Only; Power Supply Harness
    (720 watt), Low Power Version               17-04787-01
    Fan Assembly, 6 inch                        70-40074-01
    Fan Assembly, 120mm                         70-40073-02
    Fan Assembly, PCI                           70-40073-01
    Fan Assembly, PS Middle                     70-40072-01
    Fan Assembly, PS Outer                      70-40071-01
    Floppy Drive, 1.44MB                        226948-931      3R-A2753-AA
    Memory Card, Add On, 8 Slot
      (Assbly Part# 50-30347-02)                                54-30348-02
    Memory Card, Add On, 4 Slot                                 54-30348-03
    Memory, 128MB Mono, 200 pin Synch DIMM,
      133MHz CL3 *MS620-AA                                      20-01CBA-09
    Memory, 256MB Mono, 200 pin Synch DIMM,
      133MHz CL3 *MS620-BA                                      20-01DBA-09
    Memory, 512MB Mono, 200 pin Synch DIMM,
      133MHz CL3 *MS620-CA                                      20-01EBA-09
    Memory, 1GB Stacked LP Synch DIMM, 133MHz,
      CL3 *MS620-DA, Low Power Version                          20-L0FBA-09
    Module, Card Cable to Main Logic, Contains
      Misc I/O Connectors                       54-25575-02
    Module, SCSI Environmental Card *NILE       3R-A1629-AA
    Module, System Board                                        54-30292-03
    OCP Assembly, Black                                         70-33894-03
    Power Supply, 720 Watts, Low Power Version  30-49448-01
    Rackmount kit, ES45, M-Series, Carbon       BA61R-CR
    Speaker Assembly, Widetower                 70-31349-01
    Switch / LED HP PCI LEVER
       For AlphaServer PRIVATEER. IT CO                         54-30414-02
    Wire Harness Assy, 21CND, 20AWG, (1)22POS   17-04785-01
    Wire Harness Assembly, 6 cond, 24 AWG, 3
      Magnetic Sensors                          17-04786-01
    Wire Harness Assy, Power and Signal, w/
      SC Adapter                                17-04787-01

MODEL 2 ONLY: Low Power Version

    Memory, 1GB Stacked 200 pin Synch
      DIMM, 133MHz                                              20-L0FBA-09
    Power Supply Harness (720 Watt)                             30-48816-03
    P.S.U 720 Watt                              30-49448-01


    All Models 128 MB Mono 200 pin
      Sync DIMM 133 MHz                                         20-01CBA-09
    All Models 256 MB Mono 200 pin
      Sync DIMM 133 MHz                                         20-01DBA-09
    All Models 512 MB Mono 200 pin
      Sync DIMM 133 MHz                                         20-01EBA-09
    Model 1B ES45 PCI Backplane 1x AGP,
      6 x PCI slots                                             54-30298-02
    Model 2 & Model 2B ES45 PCI Backplane
      10 PCI slots                                              54-30418-01
    Model 3B ES45 PCI Backplane
      10 PCI slots legacy                                       54-30586-01
    Memory, 1GB Stacked 200 pin Synch
      DIMM, 133 MHz                                             20-00FBA-09
    Power Supply Harness (1020 watt)                            17-05146-01
    Power Supply   1020 Watt                                    30-56579-01
    Power Supply   1085 Watt                                    30-56549-01

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