Alphaserver DS15 & DS15a

HP AlphaServer & AlphaStation DS15 & DS15a systems include a single, 1-GHz CPU with 2-MB onboard ECC cache. Memory capacity expandable to 4GB max. using 1GB DIMMS, Onboard dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, Four 64-bit PCI expansion slots.
Onboard Ultra160 SCSI controller. Choice of storage cage subsystems: DS15A Internal Storage Cage or DS15A Front Access Storage Cage. Two serial ports: COM1 port is both an RMC port with modem control and a full-duplex asynchronous communications port.
System supports Tru64 5.1B-v4 and OpenVMS 7.3-1 onwards... The Alphaserver DS15 and DS15a are identical and interchangeable.
The only difference is the Alphaserver DS15a is RoHS Compliant whereas the Alphaserver DS15 is not

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Alphaserver DS15 - Configure-to-Order system
Alphaserver DS15 & Alphaserver DS15A 1GHZ Configure-to-Order System Please confi..
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Alphaserver DS15 Rental System - Per Month Rental
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Alphaserver DS15(a) PARTS & Spares
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Alphaserver DS15a 1GHZ System NEW HP - DH-76CAA-AA Configure-to-Order
DH-76CAA-AA - NEW System - HP Alphaserver DS15a, Alphastation DS15a Alphastation DS15 (RoHS) System ..
DH-75CAA-AA HP Alphaserver DS15 1GHZ EV68 Base System
HP Alphaserver DS15 System Building Block (Base System) Part No. DH-75CAA-AA  1Ghz CPU EV68C O..
DH-76CAA-AA System  HP Alphaserver DS15a 1GHZ EV68 Base System
HP Alphaserver DS15a (RoHS) System Building Block THe HP Compaq AlphaServer DS15a is the replacemen..
DY-75CAA-AA System  HP Alphaserver DS15  1GHZ EV68 Base OpenVMS License
HP Alphaserver DS15 and DS15a. System Building Block includes Chassis CPU and Motherboard & NEW..
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DY-75CAA-AW System  HP Alphastation DS15 1GHZ OpenVMS & NAS150 license
HP Alphastation DS15 with OpenVMS Base and NAS150 License System Building Block includes Chassis CP..
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