Alphaserver DS25

Alphaserver DS25
The successor to the popular Alphaserver DS20e, The Alphaserver & Alphastation DS25 systems provide the user with the latest EV68C technology Alpha CPU with 8MB Cache. The system is capable of up to 16GB memory using 200pin 133Mhz 1GB DIMMS (16 slots). On Board options include 10/100 & 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapters & Ultra3 SCSI with internal & external connectivity. PCI slots are all 3.3V 64 Bit Capable and cannot use the older 5V PCI options. Minimum Operating system versions are OpenVMS 7.3-1 and Tru64 5.1B.

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Alphaserver DS25 - Configure to Order System
DH-57AAB-AA & DH-57AAA-AA Alphaserver DS25 Model A & B 1Ghz  EV68C Base systems inclu..
Alphaserver DS25 Package 4GB 4 x 146GB U 160 RAID Radeon Graphics
Alphaserver DS25 Model B 1Ghz CPU 8MB Cache 4GB Memory Kit (4 x 1GB DIMM) 6 Slot Disk Cage with 4..
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