HP Integrity rx6600

The HP Integrity rx6600 server offers many other performance advantages for enterprise IT environments. For instance, HP rx6600 servers are highly versatile with broad operating system (OS) support, high configuration flexibility, and a choice of I/O backplane between an all PCI-X backplane or an all PCI-E backplane. HP rx6600 servers are also highly available with feature such as memory double chip spare, two hot-swappable power supplies, internal RAID support and dynamic processor resilience and de-allocation. Last but not least, HP Integrity rx6600 servers are not only highly available and versatile but also easily manageable with comprehensive management features such as HP Systems Insight Manager,HP Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2) remote management.

For more information on HP Integrity rx6600 Download HP Integrity rx6600 Quickspecs here.

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