Alphaserver DS10


The Alphaserver DS10, Alphastation DS10 & XP900 are single 466Mhz & 617Mhz Alpha 21264 64-bit RISC processor systems with 2 MB of L2 cache, advanced 128-bit wide 1.3 GB/s bandwidth crossbar switch architecture with up to 2 GB of ECC 200 pin SDRAM DIMM memory with ECC protection for memory and processor cache, 4 PCI slots (three 64-bit PCI slots, one 32-bit PCI slot) Dual-channel IDE standard --supports ATA hard drives up to 120GB. SCSI storage of up to 300GB per drive with optional PCI adapter, Dual-embedded 10/100 Base-T ports 300W 120/240VAC power supply 32X CD-ROM standard 1.44 MB floppy drive standard.Support for one 5.25-inch front-access drive for DAT/QIC tape backup, Optional SVGA, Ultra2 Wide SCSI controllers, Ultra3 (U160) Wide SCSI RAID controllers and external RAID subsystems. Support for Compaq Tru64 UNIX & OpenVMS with Remote Console Management.

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Alphaserver DS10 - Configure-to-Order system
Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz Configure-to-Order System  ( AKA Alphastation DS10 & Alphastation X..
Alphaserver DS10 Rental System - Per Month Rental
Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz Rental and Short Term Lease Please configure your required rental system us..
Alphastation XP1000 - CTO EZ-CONFIG
Alphastatrion XP1000 Configure-to-Order System  Please configure your required system using ..
DH-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10  617Mhz EV67 Base System
Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block EV67 617Mhz CPU with 2MB Cache Chassis and NEW Island..
Alphaserver DS10 PARTS Listing
Alphaserver DS10 Alphastation XP900 VS10 Parts & Spares Overview of Part Numbers for Alp..
DA-73BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz with Tru64 License
DA-73BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block with Tru64 Base License (4 user) EV67 617..
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DH-73BAA-DL Alphaserver DS10 Durst Lambda Printer Server Tru64 Unix Ready
DH-73BAA-DL Alphaserver DS10 Durst Lambda Printer Server 120~240V Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz Base Sy..
DY-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz OpenVMS & EIP Licenses
DY-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block with NEW OpenVMS Base License and EIP Lice..
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Alphaserver DS10 AlphaVM-Pro Emulated System with Licensing
AlphaVM-Pro Server configured as Alphaserver DS10 2GB Memory DVD-RW Multiple Disks (virtual up to..
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