Alphaserver DS10


The Alphaserver DS10, Alphastation DS10 & XP900 are single 466Mhz & 617Mhz Alpha 21264 64-bit RISC processor systems with 2 MB of L2 cache, advanced 128-bit wide 1.3 GB/s bandwidth crossbar switch architecture with up to 2 GB of ECC 200 pin SDRAM DIMM memory with ECC protection for memory and processor cache, 4 PCI slots (three 64-bit PCI slots, one 32-bit PCI slot) Dual-channel IDE standard --supports ATA hard drives up to 120GB. SCSI storage of up to 300GB per drive with optional PCI adapter, Dual-embedded 10/100 Base-T ports 300W 120/240VAC power supply 32X CD-ROM standard 1.44 MB floppy drive standard.Support for one 5.25-inch front-access drive for DAT/QIC tape backup, Optional SVGA, Ultra2 Wide SCSI controllers, Ultra3 (U160) Wide SCSI RAID controllers and external RAID subsystems. Support for Compaq Tru64 UNIX & OpenVMS with Remote Console Management.

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Alphaserver DS10 - Configure-to-Order Commercial system
Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz Configure-to-Order System  ( AKA Alphastation DS10 & Alphastation X..
$1,695.00 $1,099.00
Alphaserver DS10 - SPECIAL  EZ-Config
Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz SPECIAL  - for OpenVMS and Tru64 Included in the $789 price; Alph..
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DY-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz OpenVMS & EIP Licenses
DY-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block with NEW OpenVMS Base License and EIP Lice..
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DA-73BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz with Tru64 License
DA-73BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block with Tru64 Base License (4 user) EV67 617..
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DH-74BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver DS10  617Mhz EV67 Base System
Compaq Alphaserver DS10 System Building Block EV67 617Mhz CPU with 2MB Cache Chassis and NEW Island..
Alphaserver DS10 AlphaVM-Pro Emulated System with Licensing
AlphaVM-Pro Server configured as Alphaserver DS10 2GB Memory DVD-RW Multiple Disks (virtual up to..
Alphaserver DS10 PARTS Listing
Alphaserver DS10 Alphastation XP900 VS10 Parts & Spares Overview of Part Numbers for Alp..
Alphaserver DS10 Rental System - Per Month Rental
Alphaserver DS10 617Mhz Rental and Short Term Lease Please configure your required rental system us..
Alphastation XP1000 - CTO EZ-CONFIG
Alphastatrion XP1000 Configure-to-Order System  Please configure your required system using ..
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