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AlphaVM is the FASTEST currently available Alpha Emulator on the market today using EMUVM's proprietary JIT-3 compiler...
AlphaVM is a robust and reliable layer on your Windows or Linux/BSD operating system. A simple GUI based application on Microsoft Windows and Command Line based in Linux/BSD.
(Also available for later MAC).
AlphaVM is used by many of the world's largest and celebrated organizations including Piedmont Airlines (American Airlines) PHILIPS, and many more. References available upon request.

  • Emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system including the peripherals,

  • It is targeted to replace almost all Alphaserver systems,

  • Runs on modern intel XEON & i7/i9 (3.5ghz> required) systems running Windows, Linux & BSD.. Allows you to take advantage of modern and current technology available with x86-64. 

  • Boots OpenVMS or Tru64/Digital UNIX, with little to no change to your current operating system or applications.

  • Supports OpenVMS clustering, fiberchannel (through disk mapping) Volume Shadowing etc.

  • Is supported in US/Canada, Europe and UK  - available 24 hours a day.

  • Is considerably less expensive than its competitors with no sacrifce in quality, support or speed.

  • Is the fastest Alpha emulator available today with EMUVM's proprietory JIT-3 compiler, out-processing the likes of the DS25 and ES45 servers.

AlphaVM-Pro, the professional version, is configured to replace Alpha servers working in data centers or industrial settings. It has high performance and reliability characteristics. Its performance is on par with real Alpha systems. AlphaVM-Pro is capable of replacing machines of the DS and ES class of Alpha systems. More information about the product is available here.

If you wish to evaulate the AlphaVM-Pro with full functionality and performance, please contact us at . We will provide you with the software and a temporary evaluation license.


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AlphaVM-Pro  1 CPU Base JIT-3 Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro AlphaVM-Pro, the Alpha Emulator from EMUVM, includes the Emulator software  ..
AlphaVM-Pro Black Box JIT-3 Add-on CPU for DS25 and ES45 Emulator
AVMU-1CPU AlphaVM-Pro Black Box JIT-3 Add-on CPU  Use this to add cpus to your..
AlphaVM-Pro Black Box Alpha 1GB Extra Virtual Memory - 1GB Increments for JIT-3 Only
1GB Extra Virtual Memory for AlphaVM-Pro using JIT-3 compiler Just purchase as many 1GB INCREMENTS ..
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-3-DAY  AlphaVM Pro Install (remote)
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-3-DAY  AlphaVM Pro Installation (remote) 3 day process to completion &..
AlphaVM 12 mth addtional Telephone & Email Support 8 Hour turnaround
AlphaVM-support-12M - additional years Remote telephone email. Log analysis and correction AlphaVM..
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-Custom AlphaVM Pro Installation
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-Custom AlphaVM Pro Installation AlphaVM-Pro Installation Includes backup con..
AlphaVM--USB-DR   AlphaVM-Lite/Pro/Ultra USB Dongle for Disaster Recovery
AlphaVM-USB-DR   AlphaVM USB Dongle with 30 Day License for Disaster Recovery This is..
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