HP Integrity rx3600

The HP Integrity rx3600
A symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to two high performance 64 bit dual core Intel Itanium processors.
The dual core Intel Itanium processor supports hyper threading. Each core of the processor supports two threads.
Dual core Intel Itanium 2 processors:1.66 GHz with 18MB Level 3 Cache, 9MB per core 9140M processor 1.42 GHz
with 12MB Level 3 Cache, 6MB per core 9120N processor.The HP Integrity rx3600 supports double data rate (DDR2) synchronous
dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) DIMMs with ECC and double chip spare protection.

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AD463A HP Integrity rx3600 Base System
AD463A HP Integrity rx3600 Base System Includes: 1 x AB036B HP RX36XX/66XX INT SAS CNTRL RMKT CARD..
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