AlphaVM-Pro 1 CPU Base JIT-3 Emulator 1GB Memory EZ-CONFIG

AlphaVM-Pro  1 CPU Base JIT-3 Emulator 1GB Memory EZ-CONFIG

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AlphaVM-Pro Alpha Emulator EZ-CONFIG 

AlphaVM-Pro, the Alpha Emulator from EMUVM, includes the Emulator software  with 1 virtual CPU & 1GB virtual memory.
Includes the Ultra fast JIT-3 compiler for extremely fast emulation of Alphaservers and workstations from OpenVMS 6.2 on almost all Alphas and Workstations.
Price includes License and software. USB "Dongle" . Software download requires activated account which will be created upon purchase of your product.
Additional CPUs & memory available in 1GB increments. Upgrades to the application are available to include 24/7 support. 
Includes online/email support for 12 months.

Email us at for a free 30 day evaluation of AlphaVM-Pro for Windows, Debian or CENTOS/RedHat
(Internet connection required for trial license)

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