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PARSEC started with VMS training classes, and quickly expanded services to include the full-range of technical support, consulting, software development and in-depth training for OpenVMS, Unix (including Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, and Oracle Solaris), Linux (including Red Hat and SUSE), programming languages such as Ruby, C, Pascal, and more, and technologies such as Git.

PARSEC's customer base encompasses Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial startups, in the US and internationally, and the company has expanded its training clientele to include veterans and occupational training students.

Explore why choosing PARSEC can positively impact your business. Contact Parsec at or for guidance to the training or services that are right for you.

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HP-UX Support The HP-UX© operating system is still alive and well, but those who find themselves ..
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PARSEC OpenVMS Support
OpenVMS Support Our Support Value The PARSEC Group offers experienced 3rd party support for HP™ ..
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PARSEC Tru64 Support
Tru64 UNIX Support Tru64 UNIX©, also known as OSF/1 and Digital Unix, has been running in mission..
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