Alphaserver DS10 PARTS Listing

Alphaserver DS10 PARTS Listing

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Alphaserver DS10 Alphastation XP900 VS10 Parts & Spares

Overview of Part Numbers for Alphaserver DS10 from HP Cybrary CD

 2-SLOT HOTSWAP front access ASSY
      (TOP GUN BLUE)                           70-40481-03
         Includes the slimline CD
    2-SLOT HOTSWAP SCSI backplane              54-30484-02
    Battery, Real Time Clock                   21-39125-01
    Cable Assy, Flat 34CND, 2CONN, Floppy      17-03970-05
    Cable Assy, Flat 40CND, (4)RCPT POL CONNS;   
      IDE (Alternate P/N 17-05021-03)         17-04803-01
    Cable, Audio, Harness Assy                 17-04951-01
    Cable, Flat, Micro D Plug, SCSI; Ultra3    17-05034-01
    Cable, SCSI 68P Internal for TLZ10         17-04009-01
    Cable Assembly, Wire Harness, 4 pos 330mm
      LVD SCSI Cable                           17-04472-01
    CD paddle card between cd and its cable    167208-001
    CD DRV 24X Teac                            3R-A3143-AA     314933-911
    CD DRV 24X Teac                            3R-A0966-AA     314933-915
    CD DRV 24X Teac                            3R-A2505-AA     314933-935
    CD-ROM, 40X                                3R-A1373-AA
    Disk Drive, Floppy, Gun Blue Bezel         RX23L-AC
    Disk Drive, 10GB IDE 5400 RPM              3X-RE56A-AA
    Drive Cage Assembly, Front access
       supports up to four storage devices:

       Compaq Universal disk drives plus two
       internal disk drives, or One Front
       Access Universal Tape Drive
    (AIT or DAT) and two internal disks     3X-BA10A-AA
    DS10 Kit, Skins, WebBrick                  70-40171-01
    DS10 Unit Assy, (Enclosure)                70-40092-04 
    Fan, CPU, Tube Axial 80mmx15mm 3 wire w/tach      12-33279-15
    Fan, PCI, Tube Axial, BLDC, 12V,2 Wire w/speed   12-49806-01
    Fan, System, Tube Axial 3.12" 25CFM2 Wire 12VDC  12-24701-35
    Filler Panel, CD                           74-60180-01
    Graphics Controller, Elsa Gloria Synergy   PBXGK-BB (298796-001)
    IDE, 80cond cable assy, flat               17-05021-02
    Lock Assy, with Master Key                 12-37977-03
    Memory, 128MB (16MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V,SDRAM 20-0DS10-08
    Memory, 256MB (16MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V,SDRAM 20-00DSA-08
    Memory, 256MB (16MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V, SDR  20-01DSA-08
    Memory, 512MB Stacked  in Sync DIMM 100MHz 20-00ESA-08
    Memory, 512MB Monlith Sync DIMM  100MHz    20-01ESA-08
    Memory, 32MB (2M X 8), 200 Pin, 3.3V,SDRAM 54-25066-BA
    Memory, 64MB (8MX8), 200 Pin, 100MHz DIMM  20-01BSA-08
    Module, Ensoniq PCI Audio (VS10 only)      3R-A0336-AA  113897-001
    Module, Motherboard, w/ 466MHz 21264 CPU
    (Alternate part number 54-30074-04/03)     54-30074-01
    Module, Motherboard, EV67 Tsunami 2M/4M
    IBM SRAM BCACHE, DS10, VS10, 600MHz CPU    54-30074-12
    Module, PCI Riser, 4 Slot                  54-30048-01
    Module, Switch/LED Assy                    70-40097-01
    Mouse, 3 Button, Opal                      FE-10572-01
    Power Cable Holder, Latch Assy             74-60203-01
    Power Cord 60 Hz 108 Inch                  17-00083-23
    Power Supply, Switching, 300W, W/IP
      VOLTAGE, Select Swit
      (Replacement Part FRU Kit 70-40890-01)   30-50454-01
      VOLTAGE, Auto-Sensing                    30-50454-03                           
    Power Supply, DC *for DS10CO               30-50499-02
    Prom, PTN 256K CMOS SERIAL OTP 3.3v (SROM) 23-034V7-00
    Rackmount Kit, Dual, RETMA                 70-40330-03
    Rackmount Kit, Quad, RETMA                 70-40330-04
    SCSI cable assy, twist                     17-05034-04
    Speaker Assy, w/harness & connector        12-49797-01
    Tape Drive, 5.25in. 4mm DAT 12/24Gb        TLZ10-LK
    Wire Harness Assy, 4POS 330mm (SCSI cable) 17-04472-01


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