PARSEC Tru64 Support

PARSEC Tru64 Support
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Tru64 UNIX Support

Tru64 UNIX©, also known as OSF/1 and Digital Unix, has been running in mission critical environments since 1992. 
While it may be considered an obsolete operating system today, it was widely deployed in its day and remains a stable operating system. 
Many of its deployments were for long-term use scenarios, such as hard to upgrade industrial controls, military defense systems, logistics and supply chain analytics, and many other such specialties. 
Given that it's often much cheaper to continue to operate the system rather than replace it, PARSEC's value proposition becomes clear. 
We offer expert Tru64 support on all DEC Alpha platforms (Alphaservers and Alphastations).

Did you know...
The last major revision of Tru64 UNIX was in 2006

HP no longer supports Tru64 UNIX, and has not released any patches or updates for it since 2010

PARSEC offers the largest curated freeware collection for Tru64 UNIX in the world

We offer updated packages for OpenSSH and Samba on Tru64 UNIX

So, why replace your Tru64 UNIX systems when PARSEC can still support them?
Our technical consultants have Tru64 UNIX experience dating back to before the inception of the Alpha, so no matter what type of Alphas you operate, or what version of Tru64 UNIX you use, we can help. 
We are the premier provider of Tru64 UNIX support and consulting, with more resources and expertise than probably any other organization on Earth! 
So, even if your own staff hasn't had to touch the operating system for years, our support staff has up-to-the-minute expertise ready to help.

.Call Tom English at 720-962 9574 for a formal, customized quote or any questions... (

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