QM-755AA-AA HP Alphaserver & Vax Emulator Authorization License

QM-755AA-AA HP Alphaserver & Vax Emulator Authorization License

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Emulators prolong the usability of HP OpenVMS VAX, MicroVAX, single- and multi-CPU AlphaServer applications by enabling them to be transferred to new hardware platforms without any conversion effort. Examples of emulators include AlphaVM,AlphaVM-PRo, AlphaVM-Ultra, Charon-AXP and VTAlpha by Vere Technologies.

HP Services supports HP OpenVMS software on emulators running on HP systems only. Existing software service contracts are valid on supported OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha AXP applications running on the appropriate emulator. HP fixes software problems if they are also seen in the comparable VAX or Alpha AXP environment.

The extension licenses described below are also required when transferring licenses to any emulators that have passed the standard qualification tests for emulation of VAX and Alpha. Standard support services are available for the OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX operating systems and layered software running on any qualified emulator. Support for emulators is not available from HP, but may be available from the emulator provider.

The following products are included in the HP layered product extension license: ACMS, ALL-IN-1, ADA, BASIC, 'C', CMS, COBOL, DCE, DCPS, DECmigrate, DECram, DECwrite, DFS, DQS, DTM, DTR, DECnet-Plus, DECnet Phase IV, DECwindows Motif, FMS, Forms, Fortran, GKS, LSE, MACRO-64, MAILbus, MAILbus 400, MMS, Notes, Pascal, PCA, PHIGS, RMS Journaling, RTR, SLS, SQL, TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, VAXcluster, OpenVMS Clusters, Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS, X.25, X.500. This list of products excludes any products that have third-party obligations that prohibit inclusion in this extension license.

For emulation that does not require additional LMF units on the target platforms, the licenses listed below must be purchased for the appropriate target platform.


One license is required per system type Operating System License

1 license for DS series,  $1000
2 licenses for ES series, $2000 
4 licenses for GS80        $4000
​6 licenses for GS160      $6000
​8 Licenses for GS320    $8000

These licenses have no effect on the functionality of the system. Failure to install will have no effect on your system performance.

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