DH-64BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver ES40 Model 2 Base System 667Mhz

DH-64BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver ES40 Model 2 Base System 667Mhz

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DH-64BAA-AA Compaq Alphaserver ES40 Model 2 Base System 667Mhz
667Mhz EV67 CPU
CDROM and FLoppy
1 Power Supply

Full Detail of available and "used on" Parts List (from Compaq Engineering)

Adapter, PCI to CI Host  *2 PCI Slots       CIPCA-BX
    Adapter, PCI to Memory Channel              54-24962-01
    Battery, 3V 190mH/hr Coin Cell *Toy         12-41476-06
    Cable, Flat, 10 Conductor                   17-03971-07
    Cable, Flat, 34 Conductor, CPB to Floppy    17-03970-04
    Cable, Flat, 40 Conductor, IDE, CPD to CD   17-04678-02
    Cable Assy, flat, 68 cond, bundled, (3)
      Male Micro D Conns                        17-04867-01
    Cable, Slit and Flat, Bundled, 68 Conductor
      I/O to CPB, 6.5 inch                      17-04400-06
    Caster *Swivel                              12-41898-01
    Caster *Stationary                          12-41898-02
    CD-ROM, 48X, STYLE 2, TGB, HLDS             3R-A3737-AA
       ***NOTE: 3R-A0284-AA was used as a
          CD replacement
       ***END NOTE
    CPU, EV6 500MHz 4MB Late Write, (Class
      Part # 54-30158-03/05, 54-30158-A3/A5)    KN610-AA
    CPU, EV67, 667 MHz, (Class Part #
      54-30362-01)                              KN610-BA
    CPU, EV67, 500 MHz, SMP, Linux Ready,
      (Class Part # 54-30158-B3 OR B5,
      54-30158-03 OR 05, 54-30158-A3 OR A5)     KN610-HA
    CPU, EV67, 500 MHz, SMP, TRU64 Unix         KN610-HB
    CPU, EV67, 500 MHz, SMP, OpenVMS            KN610-HC
    CPU, EV68, 833 MHz, SMP, (Class Part
      # 54-30362-B3)                            KN610-CA
    Disk Drive, 18GB, UltraSCSI II 10K RPM,
      1.6in Bay, Hot Swappable                  DS-RZ2ED-16
    Disk Drive, 9GB, UltraSCSI II 10K RPM,
      1.6in Bay, Hot Swappable                  DS-RZ2DD-16
    Disk Drive, 18.2GB 10,000rpm UltraSCSI II   FE-14587-01
    Disk Drive, Floppy, Gun Blue Bezel          RX23L-AC
    Drive Cage Assembly, Four Slot, 1.6 Inch    BA610-4D        54-25657-01
    Drive Cage Assembly, Six Slot, 1 Inch  BA610-6D/BA610-6E    30-50802-01
    Drive Height Converter * Used with the
      FE-14587-01 1in. Drive                                    138007-001
    Enclosure Assy, System Box, Rackmount or
      Pedistal                                  30-48816-01
    Ethernet Controller, PCI, 10/100, 4 Chnl    DE504-BA
    Ethernet Module, 10B-T/100B-TX              DE500-BA
    Ethernet Controller, PCI 32/64, Gigabit     DEGPA-SA
    Fan, 120mm, H/S, Lower PS Assy *Fan 3       70-40072-01
    Fan, 120mm, Hot Swappable, PCI, *Fan 1,2    70-40073-01
    Fan, 120mm, Hot Swappable, PCI, *Fan 5      70-40073-02
    Fan, 120mm, H/S, Upper PS Assy, *Fan 4      70-40071-01
    Fan, 172mm, Hot Swappable *Fan 6            70-40074-01
    Fiber Optic Adapter, (FDDI) Single Attach
      Station [SAS], Multi-Mode Fiber [MMF],    54-22499-02
    Graphics Adapter, 2LXP-EN2, 2Mb (PBXGB-AA)  54-23481-01
    Graphics Controller, Elsa Gloria Synergy
      Plus 8MB, PCI                             PBXGK-BB        327599-001
    Keyboard, 101 Keys UNIX                     FE-13260-01
    Keyboard, VMS                               LK461-AA
    Harness Assembly, 18 cond, 22 multi-conns   17-04785-01
    Harness Assembly, 6 cond, 24 AWG, 3
      Magnetic Sensors                          17-04786-01
    Harness Assy, 4 cond, 24 AWG, (2) POL Rcpt
      Conns                                     17-04914-01
    Memory, 32MB (2MX8), 200 Pin *20-01ASA-08   54-25066-BA
    Memory, 64MB (8MX8), 200 Pin, 100MHz DIMM
      *20-01BSA-08                              54-25053-BA
    Memory, 128MB (16MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V, SDRAM
      *54-24941-EA                              20-01CSA-08
    Memory, 256MB (16MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V, SDRAM
      Stacked Single Density *54-24941-FA       20-00DSA-08
    Memory, 256MB (32MX4), 200 Pin, 3.3V, SDRAM
      Unstacked Double Density *54-24941-HA     20-01DSA-08
    Memory, 512MB Stacked 200 pin Sync DIMM
      100MHzDouble Density *54-24941-JA         20-00ESA-08
    Memory, 512MB Mono 200 pin Sync DIMM
      100MHZ                                    20-01ESA-08
    Memory, 1GB Main Memory Option              MS610-DA
    Memory, 2GB Main Memory Option              MS610-EA
    Memory, 1GB SDIMM 128X72 200 Pin            20-00FSA-08
    Memory  ISLAND 1GB SDIMM 128X72 200 Pin    20-01FSA-08-ISL
    Memory, 2MB NVRAM PCI, Prestoserve          P2000-AA
    Memory, 4MB NVRAM PCI, Prestoserve          P2000-BA
    Memory, 8MB NVRAM PCI, Prestoserve          P2000-CA
    Module, Environmental *SCSI                 3R-A1629-AA     010615-001
    Module, Memory Riser, 4 Slot  *Tower, holds
      up to 4 200 Pin SDRAM                     54-25582-02
    Module, Memory Riser, 8 Slot  *holds up
      to 8 200 Pin SDRAM                        54-25582-01
    Module, Mother Board, CPU/Memory, QUAD EV6,
      *TSUNAMI                                  54-25385-01
    Module, PCI Backplane, 10 Slot, w/ Active
      Support Logic                             54-30156-01
    Module, PCI Backplane, 6 Slot, w/ Active
      Support Logic                             54-30156-02
    Module, System I/O, Cables to MLB           54-25575-01
    Network Adapter, 4port PCI Synchronous      PBXDP-AB
    Network Adapter, 4port PCI Asynchronous     29-33593-01
    Network Adapter, PCI-based Token Ring ,     PBXNP-AC
    Network, ATMworks 351 Adapter, PCI,
      MultiMode Fiber, SC Connector             DGLPA-FA
    OCP, Assembly    *Blue                      70-33894-01
    Power Cord, TERM 3-14 SJT 125V 75IN
      (BN26J-1K)                                17-00083-39
    Power Distribution Unit *for Blue Cabinet   H7600-AA
    Power Supply, 720W universal, w/fan & I2C   30-49448-01
    RAID Controller, 3 Channel, PCI *w/o SIMM   29-33447-01
    Rack Mount Kit                              BA61R-RM
    SCSI backplane, Drive Cage, 4 slot          30-50802-02
    SCSI Controller, PCI, 1 port UltraSCSI FWSE
      (KZPBA-CA)                                KZPBA-CX
    SCSI Controller, PCI to LVD, 1 Channel,
      w/ VHDCI (KZPCA-AA) (Spare Part
      number SN-KZPCA-AX)                       30-56041-01
    Speaker Assembly                            70-31349-01
    Upgrade, PCI I/O and Memory *ES40 Model 1
      w/6 I/O slots and 4 Memory Options to
      ES40 Model 2 w/ 10 I/O Slots and 8
      Memory Options                            3X-KFPPA-AA
    Wire Harness Assy, Power and Signal, w/
      SC Adapter                                17-04787-01

          Flying Clipper, ES40sv is a CSS system and has some custom parts
          they are listed below:
           30-50703-01     sv Power Supply
           12-49842-02     sv Chassis Slide
           17-04900-01     sv Cable Assembly
           17-04927-01     sv Cable Assembly
           17-04929-01     sv Cable Assembly
           17-04930-01     sv Cable Assembly
           30-50963-02     sv Frame Assembly
           70-33995-01     sv CPU Fan Assembly
           70-33996-01     sv PCI Fan Assembly

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