HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server (OFS) EZ-CONFIG

HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG
HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server  (OFS) EZ-CONFIG

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Available Options

* HPE Integrity rx2800 with 6G SAS Controller, USB, VGA Graphics, Advanced ILO3 4 x 1Gb LAN Ports,1 x P.Supply, 1 x Memory Carrier:
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rx2800 CPU (cpus must match):
Total Box:

* Memory Carrier 1 required per CPU . Max 4 in server:
Total Box:

* rx2800 Memory minimum 1 option per cpu up to 384GB total:
Total Box:

* Power Supply (max.2 for rx2800 or 6 for C3000) :
Total Box:

* DVD Blu-Ray CD:
Total Box:

* RAID/SAS Controllers PCI-e & On-board for OVMS/HP-UX:
Total Box:

* rx2800 Backplane OpenVMS/HP-UX (minimum 1, max 2):
Total Box:

* Storage (8 max per server) WI = Write Intensive MU = Mixed Use NEW = NEW Ref = Refurbished:
Total Box:

HP Integrity Graphics (additional to on-board):
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Fiberchannel PCI-e OVMS/HP-UX:
Total Box:

Total Box:

Copper & FIber SFP+ & MMF >16Gb:
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PCI-e Network Options OpenVMS & HP-UX:
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Rack Kit:
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* HPE/VSI OS Licenses OpenVMS/HP-UX/Tru64:
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rx2800 Security:
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* Power Cord (minimum 1 pc.):
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System Build/Configure (use instructions box below):
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24/7 4 Hour Onsite Service from Park Place Technologies (US & Canada Only):
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* Warranty (US/Canada/International):

Instructions or Comments (server location for maintenance quote):

Server Trade-in:
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HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server (OFS) 
Easy Product Configurator

Integrity rx2800 i4 includes: 
1 x AT101A Refurbished Server ,
4 x On-Board 1Gbit Ethernet NIC,
1 x ILO3 Net Port,
2 x USB (Front/Rear)
2 x VGA (Front/Rear) 
1 x DB9 Console Port,
1 x P410i 6G RAID Ctr (requires 512MB BBWC for All RAID types beyond 0+1)
1 x AM251A Pedestal Kit
Firmware version 52.0 for i4/i6

You must order 1 memory carrier per cpu and at least 1 power supply.

If there is a red asterisk next to the header, you must choose one option offered


*is a Mandatory option.

Install up to 3 Memory Kits Per Carrier. (2 x 6 Slot  Memory Carriers total per system allowing for a total of 12 DIMMS or 6 memory kits total (see below)

HPE Integrity rx2800 i4 Office Friendly Server AT102A Minimum additional component required: • One processor (supports Intel® Itanium® 9520 quad-core processor only) • 16 GB memory • Requires the pedestal kit (Cannot be factory integrated. Must be assembled on site) NOTE: OFS configuration does not support hot-swap redundancy in cooling fans NOTE: Supports both High Line Power (1200W) and Low Line Power (800W). NOTE: Low line power is supported in limited configurations. One processor with up to 12 memory DIMMs or two processor sockets with up to 8 memory DIMMs. NOTE: With HPE Smart Array P410i 6 Gb/s SAS RAID Controller: • HPE rx2800 i4 512MB FBWC Kit (AM252A) is required for RAID 5 and RAID 5+0 • HPE rx2800 i4 512MB FBWC kit (AM252A) AND HPE rx2800 i4 Smart Array Advance Pack (SAAP) License (AM305A) is required for RAID 6 and RAID 6+0

Note: These systems are fully updated (current firmware installed)  to HPE's exacting standards for maintenance.
We guarantee full eligibility for on-site service from HPE.
The next day replacement warranty is for next business day by 3pm or 2-5 days internationally.

To get a FORMAL quote via email or fax, please configure and ORDER it after creating an account or logging in with your existing account information (it is free to set up and easy)
Order it and note in the  comments section that you require a FORMAL QUOTE - Use the Order with PO  feature at checkout  - there is no obligation with that feature. Make sure to state it is for RFQ purposes only.


* Determines Mandatory Option
Use AM252A to extend internal RAID to achieve RAID Levels 0,1,5,6 across all 8 drives

Note that if using 2 cpus you are limited to 8 total DIMMS installed if using 120V Power (low line). To use more than 8 x dimms and 2 x cpus you must connect to a 200~240v power source (high-line)

Note: For Advanced parts replacement without a deposit being required, the original products invoice must be paid and received by Island Computers., unless agreed to in writing.


Note to OpenVMS Users:

The HP (HPE) Integrity rx2800 i4 is not supported by HP's (HPE's) version of OpenVMS. It is supported only by VMS Software's (VSI) version (8.4-2 and higher). You will need to purchase VMS Software OS and Layered Products licenses.
You may wish to consider purchasing the rx2800 i2 . This has similar performance, same options as the i4 and is capable of running OpenVMS from HP(HPE) and VSI.
Should you wish for Software Support etc from VSI, please contact them at info@vmssoftware.com (all locations) or Telephone 978.451.0110 .



Application Number: 201 025 834
Company: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Device Name: Server
Model: RSVLA-RC01
Sub-Model: rx2800 i2, rx2800 i4
Authorization Number: HPQ-RSVLA-RC01
Alphanumeric Authorization Number: HPQRSVLARC01
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
Country: China (Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany)
Date of Application: 2010-11-22


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