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AT121A   AT123A HPE Itanium 9560 CPU 16 Core 32MB Cache CELL HP Superdome CB900S i4
AT121A  (same hardware as AT123A) HPE CB900S Superdome i4 CELL BLADE server with 2 x Itanium 9..
AT124A  Intel Itanium 9540 CPU 8 Core 24MB Cache for HPE Integrity Superdome AT085-2021A
AT124A  HPE CB900S 9540 8 Core CPU  AT085-2021A + Superdome Heatsink  ..
$3,295.00 $3,295.00
AT125A  Intel Itanium 9560 CPU 8 Core 32MB Cache for HPE Integrity Superdome AT085-2022A
AT125A  HPE CB900S 9560 8 Core CPU  AT085-2022A + Superdome Heatsink Intel It..