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AH339-2027A  9320 4 Core 1.33Ghz Processor  HP Integrity rx2800 i2 & BL8xc i2
AH339-2027A AH339-2027A HP Itanium 2 9320 1.33GHz 16MB Dual Core Processor for rx2800 i2 & HP I..
DH-68EAA-AA HP Alphaserver ES45 Special Package
DH-68EAA-AA HP Alphaserver ES45 Model 2 4 x 1.25Ghz CPU 16MB Cache Per CPU EV68CB 4 x 4GB  16..
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MS650-BA 16MB Memory Option for Microvax 3000
MS650-BA 16MB Memory Option for Microvax 3XXX Tested and Full Diagostics run prior to shipping Re..
SN-PBXGD-AD Compaq Powerstorm 300 Graphics Card OpenVMS
SN-PBXGD-AD Compaq Powerstorm 300 16MB PCI Graphics Card Alpha Workstations (Blue EV6 & XP900/..