Free System Prize Draw - October 1 2018

 Conditions & Requirements

 Firstly, if you don't have an account with us, open an account here:

 This is what you will get if you win:

 HP Integrity rx2800 i2 with 1 serial, VGA USB and ILO
 2 x Quad Core 9340 1.67Ghz CPU
 2 x 8GB Memory kits (totaling 16GB)
 8 x 146GB 10KRPM SAS 6G Disks
 1 x Smartarray P410i 6G Controller
 2 x Power Supplies
 1 x DVD-RW
 4 x On Board 1Gbit Ethernet

FREE Shipping anywhere in US, Canada, Europe, SE Asia/Australia. 

Requirements to enter into drawing:

1) You may only have one account entered into this drawing. Duplicate accounts will be disqualified. Create an account from our "Create Account" page (link top right of website).
If you already have an account send an email to: with your name, company name, tel no & email with " FREE RX2800 i2" in the subject line. If you spend over $500 on any purchase from our website before August 1 2018, you will get entered into the draw 2 times. Order over $2500 and we will enter your drawing 3  times. Typical entries exceed about 300 entries so this really increases your odds!

2) You MUST use a valid corporate e-mail address. Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail (and others like this) are NOT acceptable and they will be removed from the prize-drawing. This goes for names and addresses also. If you use a name like Won Hung Lo or Mr Unpronouncable then we will remove your name from the drawing.

3) You are not required to sign up for the newsletter to receive our special offers, but as you might win a free system worth several thousand dollars you should feel guilty enough to at least  read our emails when we have something special to tell or sell you.

4) International and domestic winners may have to pay local sales tax or VAT. The export value will be entered as $900 for customs if the winner is outside of the US. (That means VAT would be about $200 US)

5) This system has been tested, firmare updated and will run perfectly. It is refurbished by Island Computers to our exacting standards.

6) If you aren't into this newer-fangled stuff, then we are offering an Alphaserver DS15 as an alternative. Whoever wins will be given the option to have the Alpha.

7) If anything happens to the server within 1 year we will, at our expense, either swap out or repair the products quickly. Shipping of a complete server is not typically an option, so you do need to have some basic technical skills to replace motherboards etc. (Hey it's free !)

8) If you don't win, don't fret !  We have plenty of these servers always in stock and we would love to sell you one. We offer very reasonable payment terms and offer financing if you need to pay over an extended period. We do not want ANYONE to go without !


That's about it. Good luck !


Island Computers reserves the right to cancel, remove, and change any and all conditions of this prize-draw. The value of this prize-draw is $0.0001 for those States & Countries that require a value for this offering.