COVID-19 Notice


Island Computers, with regard to the COVID-19 SARS Virus,  is maintaining a policy for the next 12 months to treat all products outgoing with anti-microbial/disinfecting spray, both inside and outside boxes. A label is attached stating that the box has been "sanitized".
All staff will receive regular screening for any health issues that might in the slightest chance be related to any infection, both bacterial and viral.
We are encouraging anyone that can, to work from home. We demand this of our vendors also to limit any contact with products that may come through our doors.
Island Computers is considered an essential business through its ongoing provision to Local, State & Federal Agencies and a multitude of Health Care Systems throughout the world.

Shipments are not being affected from Island Computers. Products are still shipping every day to most US Domestic and Foreign destinations.

PLEASE Stay Safe and exercise all precautions set out by the Authorities.


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