AlphaVM Pro and AlphaVM Free

AlphaVM Pro and AlphaVM Free







AlphaVM, from EmuVM,  is a virtual machine that emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system including the peripherals.
It is targeted at replacing your aging Alphaservers and Workstations. AlphaVM runs on a modern computer system (preferably HP) running
64 Bit Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

AlphaVM will boot OpenVMS and Tru64 Unix/ Digital Unix.

The Product family consists of two versions. AlphaVM-Pro and AlphaVM-Free.

AlphaVM-Pro is designed to replace Alphaservers and Workstations in data centers and/or industrial settings.
It provides high-performance and reliability characteristics.The performance is on the same level as that provided by real Alpha systems.
AlphaVM-Pro provides simulation/replacement paths for the Alphaserver DS10, Alphaserver DS15(a), DS20(e) DS25,
ES40 & ES45 classes of Alpha systems. More information about AlphaVM-Pro is available here

AlphaVM-Free is a product for non-commercial users. It is designed for both Hobbyists and for evaluation purposes. You may install and
use it for free for non-commercial purposes.
AlphaVM-Free is limited in supported features and performance with respect to AlphaVM-Pro. AlphaVM-Free has much lower performance.
It can be downloaded at the EmuVM website here. For more information click here
Additionally, EmuVM's AlphaVM can offer tailoring of the product to the customer requirements. Customization services include:

1) Performance Tuning to your specific workload
2) Implementation of emulation of specific peripheral reuiqrements.
3) Implementation of a specific core logic chipset.

These customized solutions carry extra cost and are quoted on an individual case basis.
Please contact us with any questions at
Licenses from HP can be transferred but there is an additional required license cost for Alpha-Emulator migration.
Call for details (to avoid sticker shock these are approximately $1000)

When choosing your Alpha Emulator, the rule of thumb is that the Blue Alphas are equivalent to the Alphaserver DS10/DS20/DS20e/ES40 & the Black Alphas are the Alphaserver DS15/DS15a/DS25/ES45
The DS10/DS15/DS15a denotes 1 CPU, The DS20/DS20e/DS25 denotes 2 CPUs & the ES40/ES45 denotes 4 CPUs.

(Keeping in mind that the DS10/DS15 DS20/DS25 ES40/ES45 systems all use the same licenses within their own groups, then you have an instant upgrade path by going from the JIT2 to the JIT3 compiler versions)

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AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-1-2   AlphaVM-Pro DS10 Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-1-2   AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  1 x EV6/EV67 DS10 "Blue Alpha" ..
US$ 3,200.00
Ex Tax: US$ 3,200.00
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-2-2  AlphaVM-Pro DS20 Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-2-2   AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  2 x EV6/EV67 DS20 "Blue Alpha" ..
US$ 3,700.00
Ex Tax: US$ 3,700.00
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-4-2   AlphaVM-Pro ES40 Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT2-4-2   AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  4 x EV6/EV67 ES40 "Blue Alpha" ..
US$ 4,700.00
Ex Tax: US$ 4,700.00
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-1-2   AlphaVM-Pro DS15 & DS15a  Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-1-2   AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  1 x EV6* DS15 & DS15a "BLAC..
US$ 4,200.00
Ex Tax: US$ 4,200.00
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-2-2   AlphaVM-Pro DS25  Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-2-2   AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  2 x EV68 DS25 "BLACK Alpha" Emu..
US$ 5,200.00
Ex Tax: US$ 5,200.00
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-4-2   AlphaVM-Pro ES45 Emulator with 2GB Memory
AlphaVM-Pro-JIT3-4-2 AlphaVM-Pro  Emulator  4 x EV68 CPU ES45 "BLACK Alpha" Emulator w..
US$ 7,200.00
Ex Tax: US$ 7,200.00
AlphaVM-Pro 2GB Extra Virtual Memory - 2GB Increments for all versions
2GB Extra Virtual Memory for AlphaVM-Pro You can buy this memory in increments of 2GB for $200. ..
US$ 250.00
Ex Tax: US$ 250.00
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-3-DAY  AlphaVM Pro Installation (remote) 3 day process to completion
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-3-DAY  AlphaVM Pro Installation (remote) 3 day process to completion &..
US$ 5,000.00
Ex Tax: US$ 5,000.00
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-Custom AlphaVM Pro Installation
AlphaVM-Pro-INSTALL-Custom AlphaVM Pro Installation AlphaVM-Pro Installation Includes backup con..
AlphaVM-Pro-SUP-12   AlphaVM-Pro 12 months Support contract - All versions/memory size
AlphaVM-Pro-SUP-12   AlphaVM-Pro 12 months Support contract - All versions all memory s..
US$ 1,600.00
Ex Tax: US$ 1,600.00
HP Proliant DL320e G8 V2 Performance Model for AlphaVM Emulator
HP Proliant DL320E G8 V2 1 X Intel Xeon E3-1241V3 3.5GHZ Quad Core CPU, 8GB DDR3 SDRAM, Smart Arr..
US$ 3,350.00
Ex Tax: US$ 3,350.00
RENTAL-Per-Month- AlphaVM Pro-DS15 Alphaserver DS15 Emulator with Temporary Key
AlphaVM Pro-DS15  Rental System - Per Month - Minumum 90 Days Rental/lease Alphaserver DS15&nb..